2018 was a busy year for me. I did an amazing internship, graduated, started my first full-time gig, became involved in open source more than I had ever been, travelled and made some new friends! Graduating also meant that my university-related work doubled and I had to juggle them along with my open source contributions. This left me with very little time to spend on writing blog posts and talks. I managed to type lots of drafts though, but didn’t publish them because they never felt “finished”.

But I plan to change that this year! I work on open source during my personal time so while the “oh no, there is no time” problem still exists, I intend to finish some of the drafts and materalize the many ideas I’ve had. Having said that, I plan to take it slow and I’m not setting any goals for posting blog posts. Doing the latter seems to be a recipe for burn out since my personal time is limited and I’m already spending a lot of it on upstream Kubernetes. I have also noticed that forcing myself to write blog posts doesn’t help because writing is a creative process. I also want to enjoy writing blog posts and not feel like I am doing it because I have to do it.

I have been using the default GitHub pages along with the <username>.github.io domain for a while now. I wanted to move to a custom domain but I didn’t really find a right domain…up until now! Google recently launched the .dev TLD and I thought it would be perfect to have a <first-name>.dev domain for a personal website. So I did just that and bought nikhita.dev! :tada:

Given that I’m done with university and have a shiny .dev domain now, hopefully I can spew out more posts. :)